5 GreekLetter

The GreekLetter class represents a Greek letter and its potentiel diacritics. As mentioned in the introduction, the GreekLetter class is inherited from the GenericCharacter class.

All the attributes in the GreekLetter class are read-only properties to prevent you from combining them wrongly. The GreekLetter class has ten properties:

Public ReadOnly Property Accent() As ClassicalGreekLinguisticFramework.GreekAccentList

Public ReadOnly Property Breathing() As ClassicalGreekLinguisticFramework.GreekBreathingList

Public ReadOnly Property CaseType() As ClassicalGreekLinguisticFramework.LetterCaseList

Public ReadOnly Property HasDiaeresis() As Boolean

Public ReadOnly Property HasIotaSubscript() As Boolean

Public ReadOnly Property MidEndPositionShape() As Boolean

Public ReadOnly Property Name() As ClassicalGreekLinguisticFramework.GreekAlphabetList

Public ReadOnly Property Order() As Integer

Public ReadOnly Property Type() As ClassicalGreekLinguisticFramework.LetterTypeList

Public ReadOnly Property VowelLength() As ClassicalGreekLinguisticFramework.VowelLengthList

Here is a chart to illustrate the GreekLetter's properties:

The GreekLetter's properties

The GreekLetter class has one method: Pick. You must call it whenever you need to define a letter and its features.

Public Function Pick(ByVal ThisLetter As ClassicalGreekLinguisticFramework.GreekAlphabetList, Optional ByVal MidEndPositionShape As Boolean = False, Optional ByVal ThisCase As ClassicalGreekLinguisticFramework.LetterCaseList = Lower, Optional ByVal WithBreathing As ClassicalGreekLinguisticFramework.GreekBreathingList = NoBreathing, Optional ByVal WithAccent As ClassicalGreekLinguisticFramework.GreekAccentList = NoAccent, Optional ByVal AndHasIotaSubscript As Boolean = False, Optional ByVal AndHasDiaeresis As Boolean = False, Optional ByVal ThisLength As ClassicalGreekLinguisticFramework.VowelLengthList = NoLength) As Boolean

Description Generates a letter with all the requested features.
Return value Returns True on success or False on failure.
Remarks If the parameters, when being processed altogether, do not fit into any existing form, the function will send back the last good generated form or, if not practicable, the letter alpha.