the exeuresis project


As you have surely noticed, this website is entitled Exeuresis, and it is also the inscription that is carved on the pediment of the temple above. The word Exeuresis is a Greek word which means invention and it is the term that I have chosen to refer to my project. Actually, the Exeuresis Project is a humble attempt to develop some simple software tools to ease Classical Greek language processing. The idea began to take shape in my mind a couple of years ago when I realized that many a person, such as students and teachers, strived to write programs dedicated to Classical Greek but encountered difficulties in achieving their plans owing to a lack of programming skills and tools to help them out. So, I undertook the project to write useful programs in order that people, who are both amateur programmer and Hellenist, may work them into their own applications.


The Exeuresis project is based on a DLL component. To start with, it would be well to outline what programming with components means. Let us assume that a software company has two applications in development. The first one, which is to be shipped to a teacher, is a program that collects students' grades and displays them in a bar chart. The second one, which is to be shipped to a librarian, is a program that calculates the library borrowing statistics and displays them in a bar chart. Obviously, the aforementioned programs are quite unlike each other but have something in common: the bar chart. Therefore, the developer team needs to write the source code of the bar chart once and for all, and afterwards this component will be embedded in any project that requires the bar chart functionality.

Similarly, I have designed a component named ClGrLgFr.dll. It consists of a set of functions which perform tasks in connection with Classical Greek language processing.


The Exeuresis Project is still in its infancy. It is up to you to let me know what features I may add to enhance it. In the meantime, you can download the ClGrLgFr.dll and check its user guide.